Hi there I like big puppies zombies i play with a camera

This guy was my bestest friend

the late Camden Kane, King of the Dane

i watch a lot of movies
all of them scary

i photograph furry animals

Hi. My name is Greg


I’m a Front-end Developer

and I’m pretty good with the User Experience and Information Architecture stuff.


Born to a seamstress and an engineer, it is safe to say that style and precision are both hardwired into my DNA. For more than 15 years, I have been building interactive properties across a wide range of industries. With an eye for detail and a passion for perfection, I have delivered work for companies like American Eagle, Cooper Tire, Inventionland, PNC Financial, Proctor & Gamble, ADP, Westinghouse, Terex, K&L Gates, Rite Aid, the Warhol, USA Today, and the Pennsylvania Lottery.

Software programming has proven to be a solid foundation for my career, but I am committed to seeing my skills and expertise evolve all the time. After more than 17 years, I am still passionate about the industry so I try to stay on top of emerging trends in technology because I enjoy it and my clients benefit. I am familiar with best practices in design and am adept at merging the work of the designers with the most current software available.

I’m easy to find


Need to get at me?

I’m pretty easy to find

I’m currently seeking a new professional adventure to build the next great web site. Opportunities to learn and improve my skills move to the front of the line.

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