greatest.plug-in.evar offers the greatest Wordpress plug-in installed on this site… so far this year.

Oh so tired puppy.

So work is a little hectic lately – which doesn’t leave a lot of time nor energy for this site.

Camden says… Daddy is tired.

Up to date and doing great!

Upgrade news for WordPress. The trials and tribulations of a site… just trying to grow.

Damn, its good to see people up on it.

Tuscan Chicken

This is the second recipe from our “Second Sunday Supper” series. This is a superb dish that does not require a list of crazy or obscure ingredients. You probably have most of what you need already.

we’re back…

It only took 36 hours, but we’ve managed to at least get back on our feet here. Switched hosts and forgot some stuff. Left behind the unnecessary. And came out with a fast experience all around.

I’ve been coding for almost 18 hours now… but I’m too excited with this new host. Things should really start to get moving here. Be sure to check out all the Beer reviews and recipes we have here @