Great Guacamole

A perfect companion to the most famousest salsa evar! This guacamole is easy and open to wild interpretations.

The most famousest salsa evar.

This recipe is one of Nicole’s most requested dishes. Here it is… for everyone to enjoy. Just make sure you send people to when they ask where you got the recipe.

Release the Cracklins!!!!

Finally got around to pushing into the website for this year’s BBQ. Prepping to cook a whole hog over wood on a spit gave me an idea to spin the famous line from the movie Clash of the Titans. I give you…

There’s an app for that

Let’s see how well the new Droid HTC EVO WordPress app does… I’m cooking wings while I test this thang. So far i’ve noticed two things: The app absolutely chokes when adding more than one media item. Although it appears to offer the choice of ‘Publish’ … its really a misnomer. What it actually does is push the draft to …