BBQ Blue Bison Burgers

This isn’t so much a recipe as its a photo gallery of photos of a simple dish I whipped up not too long ago. A coworker gave me a pound of ground bison from a small farm in Ohio. The instant she handed it to me I knew what must be done…

Toasted a half dozen Kings Hawaiian Dinner rolls to start. Sliced up a nice big sweet onion and got to saute’n in a little olive oil and garlic. Divided the bison into six relatively equal portions by merely cutting the packaged bison into a 3×2 grid. Not everything has to be THAT technical. Seasoned the bison lightly with sea salt and cracked pepper and set them into a hot grill pan. Managed to get a really nice color on the outsides. They were fairly rare, but that may be due more to me not wanting to risk overcooking (and ruining) such a generous gift.

Topped the burgers with poorly sliced hunks of Irish blue cheese, the browned onions and BBQ sauce. Three sliders made for a really nice little meal.

Update: I submitted one the shots below to the #fridayfoodfaves contest on twitter and WON! Wooooo!

Winner of livefire friday food faves

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