Smoked BBQ Potatoes

Just decided to try something different for the start of 2010′s BBQ season. Much respect to Urban Smoke BBQ for putting innovation in BBQ.

Just the stuff you need

What to do with that stuff

Wash and dry potatoes. Rub warm, soft bacon grease into the skin of each potato, covering completely.Place potatoes in large bowl. Shake BBQ Rub liberally over potatoes. Cover completely with Rub. Remove potatoes from bowl and place in a foil pan. Shake Cow Camp Garlic Season  All over one side potatoes.

Place on hot grill in a smoker, Smoke for 1/2 hour at 250 deg, turning once and puncturing the potatoes with a metal skewer.  Smoke another 1/2 hour then remove potato and wrap each in double layer of heavy duty aluminum foil**. Seal the foil and place back in smoker for another 1 to 1 1/2 hours or until soft when poked.

**I’m going to try to mix it up and foil half the potatoes and leave the other four unwrapped. That way I can see which is preferable.

source: This isn’t exactly ground- breaking.


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