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Pork Ragu

A day off! What to do? A easy to prepare slow-cooked meal can be a truly special thing. Ragus are simple Italian meat-based sauces that can warm even the coldest of hearts on a wintery day.

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Pork Wellington

Super easy to make and so delicious it should almost be criminal. This dish has the appearance that makes one think you spent hours… when in fact it takes less than 30 minutes to prepare.

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Porkapolloza II: High on the Hog announced

Created a new website to announce the date for Porkapolloza II: High on the Hog. You can check out the details over at

My hope is to find some time to build out a quick site to post all the information on this year’s big BBQ party being held on Saturday, July 31st.

I’d love some feedback on what information you’d like to see available on the site…

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